About Primus®

About _Primus

Primus® is unlike any other commercial laundry company. More than a century in the European marketplace allows us to see the North American industry from a different perspective and provide new laundry solutions driven by purpose. From our unique commercial laundry equipment offerings and dedicated support to unparalleled efficiency and eco-friendly innovation, we provide one-of-a-kind solutions designed to solve real-world challenges. Because it’s not just about being different — it’s about being different with purpose.

Founded in 1911, we began our journey in Europe as a manufacturer of household washing and dishwashing machines. In the 1960s, we realized that the durability and performance of our equipment was ideally suited for the commercial market. And in the 70s, we made the commitment to focus exclusively on helping our commercial laundry customers achieve their goals. For the next 30+ years, we continued to develop purpose-driven laundry innovations throughout Europe and became recognized as a leader in the industry. We soon discovered there were many more coin laundries and on-premises laundries around the world that could benefit from our passion for problem-solving. And our next venture is presenting our wet cleaning solution, SoftWash, to markets around the world.  

In 2015, the next Primus chapter was written as we introduced over 100 years of European ingenuity to the North American market. And now, as part of Alliance Laundry Systems — the global leader in commercial laundry — we’re the world’s leading manufacturer of commercial laundry equipment, with more resources than ever to design, create and support unique laundry solutions built on innovation with purpose.