STAR Center

About Star

Innovation and Product Development

Alliance Laundry Systems has invested heavily in research and development to meet Primus’ customer and laundry market needs. Designers create new technology using state-of-the-art techniques to convert these needs into solution concepts, drawings, and 3D models. The designs are finely analyzed, then optimized to handle the loads expected throughout the product’s lifespan.

Machine mock-ups are created in the Primus STAR Center workshop. Not only are these used for checking the overall design of the equipment, but also for assembly and aesthetic considerations. Then functioning prototypes are built for initial testing.

Design and Reliability Testing

This is where Primus teams work in parallel to create the muscle and brain of each piece of laundry equipment. They perform extreme load testing to pinpoint mechanical problems on prototype components, sub-assemblies and machines, according to international and rigorous Alliance Laundry Systems standards. The machine software is also tested for proper control of interfaces and total machine control.

Looking to the Future of Laundry

The Primus STAR Center is an incredible leap forward by Primus and Alliance Laundry systems, making innovative laundry technology become reality. This ensures we will deliver high-quality, reliable, profitable solutions to our customers for many years to come.