It’s your laundry. You should be able to operate it in a way
that works best for you. With features like intuitive operation
and flexible programming options, Primus XControl and
XControl+ give you the power to run your vended or
on-premises laundry on your terms.

XControl for Vend
XControl+ for OPL

XControl For Coin-Operated Laundry

The Purpose: To simplify machine programming and increase revenue opportunities while providing an exceptional laundry experience for your customers.

The Solution: An easy-to-program, easy-to-operate control with a wide array of options to suit your specific needs and situation. Available on vended softmount and vended rigid mount washer extractors.

Easy-to-use, multilingual (English, Spanish and French) digital display makes it simple for you to program your machines and for your customers to choose their wash options.

Flexible wash options enhance the customer experience while giving you added revenue opportunities.

Modifiers allow users to customize each load and allow you to charge premium rates for added service, increasing profitability.

Anti-reflective display with anti-vandal protection is easy to read, yet hard to damage.

Even more options to help deliver customized, high-efficiency operation.

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